Today, I attended the Savannah Remodeling show. I was hoping that I could find a company that could help me with my new home, My Dream home. To my delight I found a company that did just that! I thought that by being the only company at the show, the design fee would be tremendously expensive! I stopped by the booth of Atlantic House Plans to ask a few questions, this company did more than that, they explained everything I could think of and even explained a lot more. David did not rush me he talked with me for a good while. After talking with David, I could tell he knows what he and his staff are doing; and the cost of their services were outstanding, and I am very excited, they are now designing my Dream Home! Thank You for Being There, The Harris Family September, 2018 We made the right choice 

                                                                  The Harris Family - (Ga.)

 “ To anyone who is in need of a company that really cares about you as a customer, I Met and Recommend – Atlantic Custom Builders llc! We met David White at the October Home and Garden Show in Richmond held at the Richmond Race Way Complex. It was during our conversation with David, that his knowledge in the field of Building and Designing was Exceptional! We asked David and his wife Jennifer to Design and Build a new Master Bedroom Suite for our home. David and his staff built our new Master Bedroom Suite, in the amount of time that was discussed and accomplished even with the rainy weather that we had experienced during the building time frame. My husband and I very much appreciated how David and Jennifer answered all of our questions during the project and they kept us updated all the way through the project. If you are looking for a company who really cares about you and your family’s needs, as well as your wants, Atlantic is that company! We gave them a (5) Star Rating as a Company! Thanks Again, The Crawford Family Henrico, VA November, 2013 Great driving lessons and an unbeatable atmosphere. I recommended this driving school to all my friends!” Very satisfied Customer 

                                                                                                                                                       The Crawford Family- (Henrico County)

 Dear Mr. White: A few months ago, we met to discuss my ideas for building an addition to our home. During our conversation, you told me about an alternative building material to the normal wood frame construction, namely, “Foam Block”. At that time, I didn’t have a clue to what you were talking about! You made claims of how this was the “State of the Art” construction technology and that this building material provided the highest “R” factor of insulation possible along with its sound proofing capability. Believe me, I was very skeptical of this claim. Even after you had showed me the samples of the foam blocks, I still had my doubts. A week later, I saw a program on the Discovery Channel that highlighted the use of these “State of the Art” foam blocks in building construction Tornado-Proof homes in the mid-west. This was very impressive! So, I went with this; … you created the plans … and began construction. The addition to our home is now complete, and I just want to provide you with some feedback about the “State of the Art” foam blocks and my new addition. 1). Each day last week the temperature ranged between 21-39 degrees. Tuesday night the temperature in my new addition was 71 degrees. (Note: I did not open the new addition to my existing home at that time, it was still isolated from the existing structure). I turned the heat unit off at the breaker. Two (2) full days later, I checked the temperature. It was 64 degrees! This was unbelievable. 2). Sound-proofing ... even with the four (4) large custom windows in the 36’ x 24’ addition (also the 5’ glass door entry) noise from the outside is very, very minimal I noticed that while in my new addition I cannot hear the commercial jets flying overhead. I can still hear them in my existing structure. (I love quiet!) 3). As a general observation, when I walk into my new addition, I can tell there is a big difference in the sound between the use of the building materials; it is more than I expected. I would like to thank you, Mr. White and your staff for your help. Paul M. Densifier Midlothian, Virginia December 2010 and assistance in building a “State of the Art” addition for me and my family. Please feel free to use me as a reference. ICF simply the best idea 

                                                Paul Densifer- (Midlothian Va.)-

 A friend of our told us about Atlantic House Plans & Atlantic Custom Builders llc. At first, I didn’t realize that the companies are Family owned, and are a Faith based company! I think it is great to work with companies that are Faith based & Family owned and operated. David and Jennifer White are the ones who not only operate both companies, but they are the owners of both companies. After only a brief discussion and as they asked us questions not only of what we needed in our home; but more importantly is how we needed for the home to function for our family. Our conversation then expanded into the design for the size and shape of the home we wanted to have built. We are writing this letter to provide our own testimony on our personal interaction with the White’s and what their knowledge was able to provide for our family when it came to the ultimate design and then to the full building project of our new home. When my husband and I met with David and Jennifer, we were able to fully discuss our needs. It was during this same conversation they walked us through the full design and building process. They did not mind answering any of our questions; they gave suggestions and advice throughout the whole process. Even though we have built 2 other homes, and as our family continues to grow our needs change, and our home was designed and was built to meet those needs. For anyone even considering to begin designing and looking for a building company, I suggest for you to contact David and Jennifer White. Thanks for Everything, Debbie & Don M. Fredericksburg, VA May 2006 (We tell everybody)! 

                                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks For Great Service

 Recently we moved back to the area. I contacted Atlantic House Plans and requested for them to come to my home that we had just purchased, but I told them that the house is really nice but is missing something. When Atlantic came to my house, I discussed to them how I thought the home needed. As we talked with David, he made suggestions that we realized could really help us make the home better for our family. As David worked on the designing for the addition for the house; I also asked for recommendations for a building company. It was then that I realized David and Jennifer also are Licensed Class “A” Builders. Not only have I stumbled upon Atlantic House Plans, which is a great design company; but they also own Atlantic Custom Builders! As the design process was taking place, I asked David to provide me with the cost of building the renovation for our house. I liked the number that was given to us; and I especially liked how David and Jennifer managed the full project. Or home renovation project went really well. Everything went so well that we have asked the to design and build a 3-bay garage for us. Look no further Atlantic House Plans & Atlantic Custom Builders are the companies to use! Great Job! The Allen Family, Richmond, Virginia April, 2003 A Company that listens 

                                                 Again Thank you For Great service

I wanted to tell you that the Lyn Haven and Iron Bridge Rockwood Sport Batting Cages and Driving Range Complexes in Virginia Beach, Virginia has Won the 1999 Best Recreation of the Year Award! Winning that Award is something your firm should be proud of. Any time you want to use our ranges please feel free to come by. Thank you again, I am looking forward to other projects with you. Sincerely, Tom Lyn Haven and Iron Bridge Rockwood Sport Complexes Award Winning Company 

Tom Matthews -(Virginia Beach Va.)-