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 THREE DECADES IN THE MAKING This history goes back three generations. David’s Grandfather Clyde started in the construction field over sixty years ago. Clyde began building homes during war time when the demand for small affordable homes was needed. During that time Clyde helped build homes all over North Carolina. When David’s father Ray was about twelve, he began to go with Clyde to job sites, helping to do whatever was needed, at that time money was hard to come by, so Ray did whatever he could to help support his family of ten, he really knew what a hard day’s work meant. One of the job’s Ray worked with his father on was the metal roofing on the East Carolina College. He said it was hard and very hot, he said he is really-proud of helping-out his family and he became very good in the construction field. Ray was able to teach David all about construction, and what it takes to do a hard day’s work and that your clients get more than just a day’s work, but they get quality and satisfaction. David learned at a young age that the best way to appreciate what he gained in life is to work for it and the satisfaction is like no other. When David was ten years old, he saw an 8-track player and really wanted it, his dad said if he wanted it, he needs to work for it, so David did just that. Ray had a job in Petersburg Va., it was a three-story house and the slate needed repair. David and Ray arrived at the house at about 7:00 am and David climbed up to the roof of the house. Before David was able to climb on the roof, David had a safety rope attached to him so that he would not fall from the roof. They worked on this house a couple days until the job was finished. David was able to purchase the 8-track player. After that David worked with his dad for many years, during the summer and on weekends. David began and continued working in the construction field from about the age of ten and he is still does it today. During David’s time in the construction field he began redrawing plans because David said the plans, he was using were bad to say the least. David continued to design as well as build until 1987 when on a construction site In Henrico Va. The scaffold he was on collapsed and crushed his left leg and at this point he had thirteen surgeries to save his left foot. David took this opportunity to take his knowledge of designing and building, he went on and trained in using Computer aided Drafting and David began to design his jobs as they came in because it was faster and modifying the plans were more accurate and saved the plans for future modification’s when or if needed. David received a degree in Architectural Engineering and then David became a Licensed - Class ‘A’ Contractor. Over the next 35 years David took on many projects, homes, and commercial buildings, David has designed hundreds of homes additions and commercial projects. David’s dedication and professionalism shows in every project that he takes on in the construction field. David’s companies have designed for over 60 builders in Virginia. Something that a lot of home owners do not realize is, Using David’s drafting and design company is better than using an architect because most Architects are involved in commercial projects, those projects are designed with a different outlook than for a cost-effective residential home. As David designs a residential home, he makes it cost effective as possible for the home owner. If you hire a company in most cases, they either can draw you plans but can’t build or manage your project, or they can build but cannot draw your project. A lot of builders say they are a design build company, but they hire out for the plans. David can design and build your home. That’s what makes That's Why David stands above all others in the building business. 

                                                    Virginia Remodel Magazine 2019-2021  edition 

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